“Vacation, all I ever wanted”, no truer lyrics have ever been spoken. Ok, that may sound a tad dramatic but we could all use a little TLC once in a while. It is nice to step out of our normal day-to-day routine. Whether your idea of a vacation is spending hours of relaxing time in solitude or chasing little, laughing cuties around. Either way having the perfect outfit planned is one less thing to have on your to-do list. Get ready to forget your chores, get away for a while, and find your own adventure.

On Trend

Tie-hem t-shirts are very on trend this season so choose a tank style to help you stay cool during the day. Packing a white, light jacket will come in handy for either a sunrise or sunset boat ride. Same with a white, metal plate hair tie. Stepping up your hair accessory game is the perfect way to add class while keeping your hair out of your lip gloss.

Choosing a pair of sunglasses with a blue ombre effect is a fashionable way to pull in the blue from your outfit. A pink, tassel necklace matches your canvas tote perfectly. A pair of 4” linen-cotton shorts in navy give off a nautical feel while keeping you cool and slightly more covered up then a shorter inseam. If your adventure leads to an afternoon of hitting up local shops, then a pair of white, leather moccasin ballet slippers would be the perfect fit.

Something for Everyone

Vacation can be something you plan all year and wait for in anticipation. Or a spur of the moment decision to find some new fun. Just as there are a million types of ice cream, there is an ideal vacation for everyone. Strolling through local shops with friends, going on a camping trip filled with hiking and getting dirty, time up north or relaxing on the water. Wherever you end up, enjoy the moments that helped you get there and the time spent with those around you. Life is a journey, memories last a lifetime, and vacation is all I ever wanted.