Season one, episode ten opens up with Max trying to teach both his puppy and baby brother, Tommy new tricks. The doorbell rings and everyone in the family runs downstairs to meet Stephanie’s new date. He is a famous baseball player and Stephanie begs everyone to not embarrass her. Of course that does not happen. Everyone tries overly hard to be nice and impress him. The whole family was invited to come to his ball game and Stephanie will be wowing the fans by singing there too. We learn that Stephanie has been accused by the media to be a jinx and the blame for her mans recent baseball slump.

DJ is seen wearing two different outfits in this episode. The first outfit is a basic navy camisole under a purple button up shirt with dark jeans. This outfit is not necessarily a scene-stealer unlike the mega kiss she lays on Matt as leaves their home.

DJ Fuller after her first kiss with Matt.

Matt has been invited to the ball game with the rest of the family, hinting that this romance may be much more then we once thought. DJ shows off her simple accessory choices of a golden bar necklace and stacked, wooden beaded bracelets. She wears a pair of wedge tennis shoes as she runs back and forth in her mind regarding the decision of telling Steve about her feelings for Matt. Steve kisses her and DJ feels their old flame rekindle.

DJ & Steve in Season 1 of Fuller House

DJ wears an orange Giants t-shirt at the ballgame but keeps the rest of her outfit the same.

She was under the impression that Matt was moving back home in a couple weeks. This would solve her man dilemma but Matt tells her that he has decided to stay in the city to be with her. DJ and Matt are featured on the game’s kiss cam and give the crowd what they were looking for. Steve was unknowingly also at the game and sees everything. Matt is trying to impress DJ by giving his credit card to her oldest son, who is trying to impress Lola. Jackson was supposed to buy snacks but instead buys an expensive jersey with the credit card. Stephanie has her shining moment to sing for the crowd but she gets boo’d instead. She then tells that audience that she’ll break up with him to end the jinx because she loves the city. Max’s goal of catching a foul ball at the game to show his class is achieved as the family leaves the premises.

Max catches ball in fuller house season 1 episode 10 at Giant's game.

Steve and Matt show up at the Fuller house, both with the same goal of finding out what exactly is going on with DJ. The guys ask DJ what she wants to do but she isn’t sure who to pick. This leads her to not make a choice but instead date them both simultaneously. Fuller House takes us on for a ride and we don’t want it to end.

DJ Fuller explaining to Matt & Steve she doesn't know who to date.