It’s hard to ignore the crisp, cool air and all it brings with it: fall has officially arrived. Whether autumn is your favorite season, or if it’s got you mourning sunny skies, this season brings along it’s own specific brand of fun events. The southern parts of the U.S. may still be enjoying the hot sunshine and sand between your toes; however, if you’re anywhere in the north then you most likely have packed away your tank tops and sandals. Pumpkin patch visits are a tradition for many families and groups of friends so let’s plan out your festive fashion for this seasonal trip.

Warmer tones are a favorite this time of year, reflecting the shades of changes leaves and orange pumpkins. Consider a burnt orange hue and rose gold accessories if you aren’t into basic orange. A more relaxed, messy- looking bun or low ponytail definitely works this time of year as you enjoy the breezy, hayride on your way to the pumpkin field. Relaxed, boyfriend-cut jeans are a way to not look like you’re trying to hard but at the same time coming across as put together and sassy.

There is a time and place to glam up your makeup but consider wearing black mascara to play up your gorgeous lashes and a tinted chap stick to keep those lips moisturized as you sip on a pumpkin spiced latte. What to wear on your feet might go overlooked but comfort and class are such important aspects of your fall outfit. Natural leather, elk skin, dark brown ballet moccasins are the footwear that will carry you through fall into year-round wear. Festive fall events are where memories are created and you’ll be sure to look the part this year at the pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin Patch Fashion

by Brownbear