Welcome to the happiest day of your life: your wedding day. You have dreamt of this day for as long as you can remember and intend of making it the stuff of fairytales. All of your hard work, and attention to detail, has paid off in a major way and you want your guests to enjoy themselves just as much as you are. You had the best of days and now it time to end this dream by living it up on the dance floor.

How exciting to choose each and every most special aspect of your wedding day. A floral sleeve to compliment your bouquet is such a smart choice. Choosing tones in a bouquet helps tie in the white of your dress, while showing your feminine character. Keeping simple, off the shoulder hair will help keep your audience’s attention on your gorgeous face and the love which is radiating from you and your husband-to-be. An edible, floral cake topper is a modern choice and one that is sure
to be remembered all season long.

You floated down the aisle in carefully chosen high heels. No detail was overlooked as you chose heels to match your dress perfectly but did you imagine what those beauties would do to your pristinely pedicured toes? No one likes a wallflower so be sure to remember the elk skin, earthing moccasins to dance the night away. Leather molds to your feet to feel like you aren’t wearing shoes at all; dance carefree as you
make memories to last a lifetime.

Wedding shoes to dance the night away

by Brownbear