Welcome to season two, episode five of Fuller House. I remember watching this episode thinking how cute DJ looked (as usual). The episode opens with Ramona having a big dance audition that she needs to practice for in the living room. DJ is also thrilled to see that Kimmie moved the furniture to make room for Tommy’s play date group that afternoon.

Fuller House DJ with family in living room in Season 2.

Max enters the house with a wagon full of live chickens. Fernando had taken him to the chicken store. Further, Max got the chickens as part of his mission to make a difference in the world. It’ll be interesting to see how this scheduling conflict and kooky chicken convention pan out.

We see DJ wearing the cutest outfit as she entertains a handful of Tommy’s toddler buds. The main piece being a peach/pink cross front sweater. She pairs the sweater with a utility pocket mini skirt, a gold and white triangle necklace. She also adds a pair of dark brown leather booties. At the same time Max threw a corncob for Cosmo to fetch but the pup swallowed it. This leads to DJ and Matt having to do surgery together in their vet office. Steph had to stay behind and watch the cutie toddler class and some unexpected chicken guests.

Steph covering babysitting for DJ Fuller House

Ramona’s dance judge arrives only to see her parents in full dance costume, pretending to have just come from a ballroom dance class. Ramona feels embarrassed by their over-the-top antics but apologizes as she needs her dads help after all.

In the meantime, DJ and Matt hug each other as Comet pulls out of a successful surgery. We can see a definite spark between the two. They agree that they shared an awkward moment and Matt asks DJ out to discuss it. However, DJ reminds him that they cant because he has a girlfriend. DJ returns home to see that Steph did an amazing job with Tommy. Suddenly, Matt storms in, kisses DJ and tells her that he still has feelings for her. She then tells him that she feels the same.

The episode closes out with us learning that Ramona has been training with a renown teacher and the teacher loves her kooky family. Truth be told, we love that family so much too!