Fall is here. It is hard not to take notice as you leave for work in the morning. Dark mornings and cool breezes have us reaching for our warmer coats or at least a cute jacket. You may be reminded of your lack of layering pieces due to not needing them in the hot summer months. But cooler weather is here to stay and it’s important to dress your best no matter the temperature.

Dress for the Weather

It’s fun to have a jean jacket ready for the weekend. However, having sturdy, quality pieces is just as important to help you feel confident and comfortable in the workplace.

Choosing a suit for the office isn’t a decision to take lightly. You can get years of wear out of quality piece work wear. There is a time and a place for a black suit. However, it’s a can be a good idea to take a risk and let a hunter green hue add some fall and winter punch into the season.

Ready for Work

A classic wool stretch jacket and matching straight leg stretch trousers can be worn together or apart. It can also work well mixed with other pieces from your professional wardrobe. Similarly when worn with a black asymmetrical blouse you can stay looking young while office appropriate. A Tory Burch bag and matching silver studs add a little extra style to your outfit. Black pumps may work for the morning but by lunchtime be sure to change into your favorite black leather moccasins to keep yourself comfortable and able to stay focused on the task at hand.

No Extra Thought

Many of us spend more time at work then we do relaxing on the weekend so it’s important to not let our office apparel lack in the style department. You can still express your personal style while holding true to your company’s guidelines. You may come across situations that challenge you daily at work, but choosing the perfect outfit doesn’t have to take a lot of extra thought. Consequently, mixing designer or trendy pieces with investment items are smart ways to change up your look too.