DJ Fuller speaking with son Max and friend about lame Halloween party.

It only seems fitting that we post Season 2 Episode 4 outfit as it is themed around Halloween. As we all know, DJ loves a good theme. We also see that DJ is making the boys their Halloween costumes as she does every year. Further, she professes her love of the holiday to Max and learns that her house is known as the “lamest house in town”. Specifically because of their non-scary decorations, healthy snacks, and health pamphlets. DJ blames the past lame décor on Danny. She then takes it as a personal mission to give their house a spooky reputation

Halloween Fuller House episode with Kimmy Jimmy DJ and Steph

Jimmy Gibbler invites Jackson and Ramona to a haunted house. DJ is disappointed that her kids are growing up and not wanting to spend Halloween together as a family. DJ is wearing a red, flowy tank top tucked into a pair of black high waist skinny jeans. She also wears a black and white checked flannel shirt and a pair of black, casual crisscross sandals. She completes the look with a wire wrapped stone necklace.

Steph and Jimmy dress up as zombies for a haunted house and scare Jackson and Ramona so badly that they can’t wait to get back to DJ’s Halloween party. Meanwhile, Kimmie and Fernando dress up as the famous kooky pair of Lucy and Ricky and follow suit in their antics.

DJ dresses up as Goldie Locks and tries to make a spooky party for Max but it ends up being more cute then spooky. Ramona and Jackson come home, followed by the zombie family members. DJ then brings them out to the party to bring exactly all the scare they need. Most of the kids go running, including the child who was the biggest critic of DJ all along. In the meantime, Jackson surprises his mom by wearing the bear costume she made for him. As you can imagine, she is in heaven with her three little bears. We love the family dynamic of Fuller House and can’t wait to see what other heartwarming moments wait for us up ahead.

DJ Fuller dressed as goldie locks and her three bears