Episode 3 of Season 2 opens with Ramona talking with Jackson and his friend Popco. The conversation turns to Ramona not having her first kiss yet. Popco smooth talks her into kissing him to get her first kiss out of the way. Max walks in and sees the kiss and we wonder if there will be ramifications from these events.

Meanwhile, DJ comes home from work and is exhausted from a few stressful weeks. Steph talks her into going out for a wedding-crashing sister night.

DJ, Stephanie & Kimmie Fuller House

DJ Fuller is wearing an outfit that features a chunky yellow sweater layered over a shirt tail tank top and stacked golden rings. As usual she has high waist skinny jeans.

DJ Fuller & Stephanie talking

While DJ’s actual necklaces are no longer available, you can achieve the same look with a chunky necklace from the same brand and similar look. Whatever shenanigans occur in this episode, one thing we know for sure is the outfits will be super cute.

Ramona divulges to Kimmy that she just had her first kiss and now she has a crush on Popco. After plans are made for a group date, we find out that he is interested in a different girl.

DJ & Steph crash a wedding in season 2 fuller house

Steph and DJ arrive at the wedding reception and Steph has mixing and mingling on the mind. DJ isn’t super looking forward to meeting a man but a handsome mystery man may change her mind.

DJ Fuller meets mystery man at wedding season 2

DJ goes to trade numbers with her new guy when a River Dance song comes on and she realizes they both have the same dream. DJ looks amazing in a purple lace dress with her classic leather pump. The ladies shine during an Irish jig but then stick out for all the wrong reasons as the song comes to an unexpected end.

Kimmy and Fernando get ready to go crash Ramona’s date only to hear Jackson and Ramona were returning home. Ramona pretends to have the best first date. Max spills the beans on how the group date actually played out about how Ramona snuck out of the movie because she was so upset. The ladies comfort her and vote her into their wolf pack. I’m thankful we have another episode up ahead to find out what happens next and how adorable DJ will look conquering her next adventure.

She Wolf Pack New member Romona