Our episode opens up with Fernando making the Fuller household a large breakfast. Much to our surprise, he’s wearing Kimmie’s bathrobe.

DJ asks how long he is planning on staying and it sounds like he may be staying around for a while. Ramona had a friend over for a sleepover and they didn’t sleep a wink. Max is trying to prove that one kid can make a difference by becoming vegetarian. But his love of bacon poses a problem. Jimmy, Kimmy’s brother, can’t stop swooning and professing his love for Steph. She isn’t quite sure she is into it since he is a Gibbler, after-all. As usual, this episode looks like it’s going to provide lots of entertainment. And cute outfits for us to enjoy.

DJ’s first outfit of this episode features an over-sized western style chambray shirt. The look works because she pairs this light top with darker jeans, wedge sneakers and a half-circle statement necklace. Golden bar earrings are worn as DJ learns that Jackson joined the football team and she’s worried that he’s going to get hurt.

DJ’s heart gets a tad bruised after learning that Steve and Matt will both be coming to Fuller game night with their new girlfriends.

Game night opens up with DJ wearing a black off the shoulder top and high waist jeans with exposed buttons. While her trendy, open square necklace and leather mule sandals are no longer available, we have found ones with the same feel and spectacular details.

Steph learns that Kimmie is trying to create a Gibbler- Fuller romance and Stephanie is not keen on the idea. Meanwhile, Matt’s young girlfriend decides to taking the dating game into her own hands with bringing DJ a date. A much older man who we learn is actually a seventy year old granddad. Steph and Jimmy connect during game night and she agrees to go on a date with him, which ends in another kiss. Lots of changes were happening in this episode: Steph and Jimmy dating, Jackson deciding to take up football and then quit it, Max becoming a vegetarian, and Tommy getting his first haircut but keep them coming because we’re ready for more.

The episode winds down in the kitchen with Jackson apologizing to DJ and they hug it out while she wears a sassy sweater dress, chunky heels and lots of layered, gold accessories.