It’s Christmas time in the Fuller household. As always, with the festive merriment comes some silliness and heartwarming moments. This episode opens up with Jimmy directing a surprise family photo session for DJ.
Laster, CJ who is Steve’s girlfriend, brings her little daughter over because of a sick bunny situation. Max falls instantly in love with her.

DJ is wearing the trendiest light colored cropped flair jeans, with a off the shoulder sweater and a cute Santa hat.

Jackson steps in to give some girl tips and Jimmy tells Steph that he loves her for the first time and she isn’t so sure about how she feels. This episode is sure wrapping up to be a surprise gift for us all. Jackson was hoping Lola would take advantage of his mistletoe hat. Max gives his crush the necklace which Steve gave DJ in 10th grade. Steve sees this and they awkwardly reminisce in front of CJ.

While they do this, DJ is wearing a chambray and grey layered sweater with silver accessory wearing DJ. Thankfully DJ’s outfit is anything but awkward as she flawlessly wears maroon skinny jeans and slouchy grey booties.

Ramona scored the leading role in The Nutcracker. Her big night is shrouded in disappointment as her performance is the same night at her best friends birthday party. Kimmie helps Ramona with a plan to go to both events. Yet Fernando gets lost and Kimmie is forced to improvise in true Gibbler style.
During a present wrapping session DJ talks to Steph about her Jimmy “problem”. Steph realizes she has a fear of commitment and does love Jimmy too.

DJ looks amazing while wearing a black flared sweater dress, golden accessories and black leather sandals.

We get our warm, cozy Fuller House feeling as we see our favorite characters in the warmth of Christmas cheer. Our episode wraps up with everyone in matching family Christmas pajamas and there is lots of the best gift ever in the air: love.