Love is in the air! That means Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. It’s still cold outside where most of us live. But that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart can help make the weather more bearable.

Valentine’s Day Plans

Whether you are going out on a hot date or staying home with take-out and a movie. This holiday is a fun time to reflect on the love you feel for those important to you. We can’t forget about Galentine’s Day, sharing the love the special best friends (or sisters) in your life too. No matter how you celebrate, you’ll surely be ready, themed out, and on trend this February love day.

Valentine's Day Graphic

On Trend

Velvet details are on trend this time of year and incorporating a crushed velvet knot headband is the cutest way to look carefree.

Golden accessories with heart details remind us of the love in our souls, as well as those classic conversation heart candies. Which always somehow know the right thing to say. Open hoop heart-shaped earrings can be worn year round as well as a mini-heart necklace in the same color hue. The color of the hearts in the necklace is so subtle that it’ll surely match most items in your wardrobe. Choosing a white, casual t-shirt with an added special detail of xoxo in golden foil ties in the golden accessories. While dark brown leather moccasins make sure your toes are feeling the love all day long too.

What Matters Most

Sometimes daily life keeps us focused more on the task at hand than allowing us the time to look around and appreciate those whom we love the most. Enjoy the small moments and make sure you make the effort to celebrate this special day with those who mean the most to you. No matter what your Valentine’s Day entails, you’ll be sure to be dressed for the part while choosing pieces that afford the ability to be worn on other days too. Love is free so spread it around everywhere you go.