Welcome to a Thanksgiving Fuller House episode where DJ loves a good theme and thrives on being organized.

DJ Fuller Organizing Thanksgiving

She recruits her closest friends and family to a meeting around the kitchen table. She proceeds to distribute folders with schedules and micromanaging details to achieve the best Thanksgiving in the history of Thanksgivings. As is is doing this, she wears a solid pink t-shirt under a pink tone flannel shirt and grey jeans.

Danny is now driving a Ferrari, wearing a gold chain, and changing his vocabulary. Makes you wonder if perhaps he is going through some life changes. Jesse, Becky, and their boys arrive with an argumentative tone. Followed by the unexpected arrival of Uncle Joey and their four young children. DJ is caught off guard, as they didn’t RSVP and it messes with her detailed plan.

DJ Fuller receiving guest Thanksgiving

We learn that Becky has baby fever but Jesse isn’t on board with the idea. As he finally feels free of that responsibility and doesn’t want to start over. Meanwhile, Uncle Joey’s kids are turning out to be less than ideal houseguests. They have Ramona, Jackson and Max running for the hills. Although DJ is stressing about most of her family’s tardiness, DJ looks cool and collected in a light purple sweater, golden accessories and dark jeans.

DJ’s tall brown, lace up boots have to do some stepping as Steve and CJ walk in on Matt and DJ enjoying a saucy kiss.

DJ & Matt awkwardly talk to CJ and Steve

Danny opens up to DJ about living life without regrets and he’s reminded that his old life is the best one for him. Kimmie tells Joey to give his kids a talking to and he misunderstands what’s really going on.

DJ & Danny Hugging Season 2

DJ feels like her perfect Thanksgiving is unraveling. As the rest of the family returns home covered in mud from a football game, she attempts to take a family picture but ends up giving up.

She looks stunning in a black pencil skirt and grey peplum top as she enters the kitchen only to find all of the food is missing. DJ’s top is a unique Jonathan Simkhai ruffled open back space dye tank – currently unavailable. Her black tie-front heels carry her to the family room to find the most impressive table scape and food presentation. This was created by CJ, and we see even more similarities arise between the two ladies. In the end, DJ realizes that being together as a family and the blessings they share together are what matter most.

Thanksgiving together DJ Fuller family