Season two opens up with DJ telling Tommy that she finally made a choice between Matt and Steve. Like all episodes we have another DJ Fuller outfit that is fabulous. DJ obviously feels her secret is safe with this cracker-eating toddler. Kimmie, Ramona and Jackson enter the kitchen, where we learn that Ramona won lots of awards at her dance camp. We also learn that Jackson has started going through changes of his own while on wilderness camp for the summer.

DJ announces that today is the day of her annual BBQ party and she has even made themed shirts. Steph had been spending her summer in London. All the while, Fernando announces that when he was gone on the race circuit, he forgot to pay his rent. This means he will now be moving into the Fuller residence.

Fernado kitchen entrance on Fuller House season 2.

Steve and Matt arrive with BBQ supplies. It is also interesting to find out that they are now best friends. We see DJ in a cropped, loose weaved knit sweater as she tells the girls that she finally has made a decision.

Meanwhile, Steve and Matt enter the scene to tell her that they have an announcement as well. DJ clasps her hands together, wearing coral colored nail polish, and a peach statement necklace. She looks amazing as usual while receiving the news that Matt and Steve both have found themselves girlfriends.

DJ Fuller in pale pink crop loose fit sweater in the DJ, Matt & Steve love triangle.

Dark skinny jeans and an espadrille wedge sandal complete this DJ Fuller outfit as she pretends to be happy with the news of Steve and Matt bringing their new girlfriends to the big BBQ party. After this scene we see Stephanie instantly fall for a mysterious guy while she is practicing a new song. They kiss and then she realizes with disgust that he is Kimmy’s little brother.

Shortly after DJ meets the fella’s new girls and Steve’s girlfriend seems very very familiar. She has a ton of similarities to DJ. In a failed attempt to make DJ look desirable, DJ pretends that Jimmy, Kimmy’s brother, is her new boyfriend. Jimmy can’t keep up the front as he’s already in love with Stephanie. The episode ends with many characters realizing things aren’t exactly how they’d hoped. But they’re going to try to make the best of it together as a family.

Fuller House annual BBQ with Matt and Steve's new girlfriends.