The summer months are starting to wind down. This will lead to the unavoidable onset of cool, blustery autumn days. Some of you are trying to soak up every last ray of sunshine while some are counting down the days until pumpkin spice lattes. Either way, choosing cute summer outfits ready for the last days of summer into fall, is the smart way to go.


Revel In Light Jackets

Before we know it, we’ll be bundled up in long parkas and mittens so let’s wear those lighter layers and revel in cuter, light jackets. Relax and take the time to absorb the last bit of summertime and even take a summer stroll. Light layering pieces are the perfect solution for cooler mornings or air conditioned environments. By choosing a structured boat neck top, it gives a nod to the nautical feel of watching the waves. This looks great with a pair of vintage-dyed, straight leg corduroys which will help usher in all the fall feelings.

Corduroy pants in a pink, feminine color help make this somewhat masculine fabric stay soft and pretty. By incorporating the same pink in a pair of crystal cluster hoop earring is a great idea. A classic, denim jacket works well with so many other items already in your wardrobe. It also looks super trendy plus keeps your outfit looking effortless as you wear a baseball cap.

Add Some Fringe

Fringe is still very much on trend and will finish off your outfit when incorporated into your footwear. These moose hide leather moccasins with hand-embroidered detail will keep you strolling in style. Let’s take time to enjoy these last summertime days of the year. Sit outside for a bonfire, take a trip to the park or go outside and visit a local farmers market. Mother nature has so much to offer us if we would just slow down and take it all in.

No matter what your plans are for the great outdoors, your cute summer outfits will be more then ready for that summertime stroll.