Back to school is almost upon us as summer is coming to a close. Those words are almost painful to write. Some of us have kids starting school already. While we’re running around collecting all of the items on the school supply lists, teachers are also getting their classrooms together. With the below back to school outfit, teachers will feel confident and comfortable.

The Right Back to School Outfit

Cute, comfortable, and functional classroom attire is very important for teachers on their first day. Not all schools have air-conditioned classrooms and it’s still very warm in much of the country. Therefore, it’s important to choose a back to school outfit with versatile pieces that can be layered or worn alone.

Choosing a high-rise denim pencil skirt is a smart choice. A skirt that features a tie-belt takes the guesswork out of choosing a belt to match. No need to wear a sweater when it’s still so warm out. So, pick a lace-trim pintuck tank top in olive green. Wear something that can be layered under a cute jacket come the cooler fall months. Aviator sunglasses help keep out the suns bright rays coming in and out of the school building. And a pair of triple stone drop earrings incorporates the green from your top but also would go with lots of basics. Genuine leather ballet slippers help keep you comfortable and won’t slow you down as you get tasks done. Also, a fashionable, leather tote is deep enough to hold a folder and your lunch too.

What’s Important

Selecting a cute mug with a silly saying can be used in the classroom to hold your coffee or hold pens on your desk. Teachers are so important to the guidance of your children’s educational endeavors. Having a back to school outfit that allows a teacher to relax and focus on what is most important allows them to do what is important. You can adjust pieces of this outfit to match your schools professional level and can be worn outside of the classroom too.

Let’s kick off this school year in the very best way. Feeling confident and ready for everyone to succeed.