Season 1, episode thirteen opens up at a ribbon ceremony for DJ and Matt’s new joint ownership pet clinic. Stephanie and Kimmie were both supposed to take a picture for the website. Unfortunately both thought the other had it taken care of. Matt and DJ were hugging when Steve comes in and congratulates DJ with his own hug. At this point it is obvious that the competition for her is still going strong.

DJ Fuller Steve Matt competition

Meanwhile, Kimmie is getting ready to marry Fernando for the second time. Excitement is definitely in the air. As usual Kimmie fashion, she lets the ladies know that she plans to hijack Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse’s marriage ceremony. In her words “it’s a win win for all”. We are not sure everyone will see it that way.

Everyone is beyond happy to see them back in town. Kimmie tells them that she will be planning their event. She also tells them about the weekend planned for just the two of them but really it’s a double ceremony.

Fernando and Kimmie tell Ramona that they will be moving out. Not only that, but they are going on the road with the racing circuit. Ramona and Kimmie don’t seem to be completely on board with the idea.

Steve Matt & DJ Fuller House

After a late-night bachelorette party, Kimmie calls Matt to invite him to the wedding and Steph calls Steve for the same reason. DJ is wearing a grey and white striped top with grey jeans as her suitors arrive. This is much to her surprise as she didn’t invite either of them.

The two wedded couples share heartfelt vows, as Uncle Joey officiates the ceremony. Kimmie turns into a runaway bride, as she isn’t sure if it’s worth the risk of it maybe not working out again. She then decides to marry Fernando after all. DJ looked amazing, as always, in a blue lace overlay dress.

We were all on the edge of our seats to find out whom DJ finally chooses at the end of this season. However, she still left us hanging by not making a choice. This forces the audience to tune into Season 2 to see what happens next season.

DJ rose like bachelorette at end of Season 1