It’s moving day! Season 1, Episode 2 brings us move adventure in the Fuller household: Kimmie (and Ramona) and Steph decided to move in to help out after overhearing DJ’s conversation with Tommy regarding her fears of inadequacy as a single mom. DJ is relieved to have the help of her family close by; however, not everyone is feeling the love or wanting a hug. The two older boys are forced to share a room for the very first time, which leaves them feeling a little like Steph, “how rude!”.

DJ navigates the challenges of helping everyone get along while wearing a chambray button up top and dark grey denim. Beachy waves, a bronze eye and a natural toned lip help are worn as DJ deals with Jackson after he runs away; DJ ran away when she was forced to share a room with Stephanie in the original series. DJ wears simple, golden accessories as she talks to the kids about showing each other respect: everyone realizes they are better. Thankfully this busy episode ends with a group hug; however, we bet DJ wishes she was wearing comfy mocks instead of high heels.

Fuller House is relatable on so many levels. Uncle Jesse is always there to help save the day and offer much needed words of advice, as he did for Jackson in this episode. I enjoy seeing the similarities between the boys and the sisters in the original cast. We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds regarding the sibling bond between Ramona and the boys; however, we all know DJ will be looking as amazing as ever.