Girl boss: we’ve always heard the word “boss” and knew the basic definition but the hash tag ‘girl boss’ is a relatively new one to me. Growing up, boys and girls were always equal and then something happens during the school age years where things shifted. Interests may change as kids grow and mature but different doesn’t ever mean less. Teaching girls that bossy isn’t always, or actually very rarely, a bad thing: being assertive in her beliefs is what will drive her through the rest of her life. Let’s bring up more young ladies who the world will view as a girl boss.

Our girl boss stays sporty, yet casual, which spending time in her room wearing a lace-up neck casual dress topped with a light colored jean jacket. Writing down her hopes and dreams or making pro and con lists of her weekend plans in the cutest purple, unicorn notebook. Her fingernails, a bright coral to match the accents of her favorite tassel necklace: you painted her nails for her as she is, after all, still your little girl. Brown, genuine leather, lace-up moccasins are her go to shoe, as they hold up perfectly whether she is adventuring inside or outside in the neighborhood.

We all dream to give our kids a better life then we had growing up: no matter how perfect our childhood may or may not have been. Our missing to teach our children to be confident in whom they are and the giftings they’ve been given. It’s such an exciting way to let your little lady reflect her confident style with her butterfly hair clips down to her fringed, embroidered moccasins. Cheers to all the girl bosses in the world and all the brave, loving mommas who nurtured, encouraged, and loved those girls so they stayed that way.