This is the moment we have all been waiting for, ok, that sounds a tad dramatic; however, it is a special time for most of us with an iconic classic (Fuller House) returning on Netflix. Many of us grew up watching Full House and seeing it as almost a second family, with DJ serving as a big sister to us. One of the most memorable parts of our childhood is wanting to steal your big sisters clothing; she always had the trendiest items, she paired her accessories flawlessly. Our goal is to provide creative collages to help you find the clothing items worn by DJ, and other characters as well, on Fuller House.

DJ enters to a roar from the audience, mirroring the excitement we all felt, wearing an oversized white striped top with minimal accessories. A delicate, silver circle necklace can be seen as well as the three bags she is carrying; a busy momma entering a new phase of her life after the passing of her husband. She has more then enough help in raising her boys with the love she enjoyed growing up in the very same home. A large coffee in her hand is definitely needed as we learn DJ is a doctor at the local veterinarian clinic.

A sassy, body con dress is sported by DJ as she kisses her littlest son and tucks him in to bed. She took her effortless curls and pinned them away from her face, as she is ready to enjoy a night with family. A pair of black, strappy heels helps DJ look extra sassy as Steve enters the scene and we are left wondering what is in store with this favorite couple. Simple, golden accessories are worn with this outfit as Uncle Jessie sings Forever, a song which he dedicates to Aunt Becky, but honestly melts our hearts too.

A third more casual look can be seen worn by DJ in this episode; a lilac button up worn over a white tank top with jeans. Her unbuttoned top is super cute but also reflects how she is feeling undone herself; trying to be a fulltime vet and a fulltime mom of three boys alone. She realizes she needs help more then ever and we are all so thankful she has her family to help out in this time of need. We can’t wait to see all that is to come from this show, and the outfits worn by the cast, of course.