We are now in the month of February and love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is upon us; an optimal time to show our appreciation and admiration for those we love. Time can be taken to reflect on those you hold dearest in your heart and do a little something extra to show how much you care. Making the decision to love yourself allows you to better love others, as well.

Frigid temperatures are still upon most of us this month, which leaves us reaching for cozy, comfortable sweatshirts and flattering black leggings. A polished, yet casual hairstyle and natural, leather moccasins will help tie together your lovely outfit as you walk hand-in-hand. Rose gold accessories help to give this outfit a touch of class while matching the pink tones of the top and nail polish. Perhaps the rose studs will match the bouquet you receive from your special someone; a perfect addition to a perfect day.

Love is all around us and is a blessing worth more than gold. Take this special time to show those you love how much they really mean to you while looking your best for yourself, and for them. While what is inside is what really counts, enjoy this special day and let your heart be filled to the brim. Love those around you and continue to love yourself.

A valentine to remember

by Brownbear