The month of May is here and we will be immersed in summer holidays before we know it. Warm weather has been slow to return for most of us but it’s bound to arrive and be here to stay. Cooler mornings turn into warmer days so many of your springtime, trendy men’s clothing options can be combined with sunny, summer favorites to create the perfect look.

It’s time to clean out that grill, if you haven’t already, dust off the patio furniture cushions, hang your flag, and get ready to make some of the best Memorial Day memories yet.

Choose an outfit driven by the trends set for this season. Light wash jeans are perfect for this time of year as we get ready for summertime.

Temperatures can change dramatically from morning to evening time so choosing a knit polo sweater is a fantastic alternative to a dress shirt or a less casual t-shirt option.

Vintage vibes are big this season, as you can see with the choice of a functional, cammo duffle bag; a duffle bag is perfect to store your workout gear or kids snacks, bubbles, and sunscreen.

Earthing sandals for men are super smart to wear for all of the extra time spent outside. Earthing sandals will help keep your feet cool while allowing you to enjoy so many health benefits. Throwing on an American flag, sun-bleached cap allows you to show your patriotism and thankfulness for this Memorial Day.

The dog days of summer will be upon us in the weeks ahead and the time for jeans will be long gone but for now, light jeans are the perfect way to ease yourself into warmer days. You will be ready with this trendy outfit as you make this one a Memorial Day to remember. Laugh, hold hands, and take mental pictures of smiles you never want to forget. Why not visit a parade, play horseshoes out back, and enjoy a delicious burger as your remember all those who served to make this day one to celebrate.