Season one, episode six opens up with DJ. She finds out that her older son Jackson is hanging out with a boy who is often left unsupervised at home.

DJ Fuller Outfit Navy Sweater Rag & Bone gray ankle boots

Stephanie will be the MC at a Mexican restaurant. It features Mexican wrestling and Max can’t get enough of one of the main attractions. Max dresses up like one of these wrestlers for the performance. Meanwhile, Kimmie is trying to be the cool mom for her daughter and their dance team. However, Ramona thinks that Stephanie is a better pick for the dance team.

DJ’s Outfit

DJ wears a crew neck, solid blue sweater which showcases her crystal and neon pink bib-style necklace. The original pink and silver two-tone crystal flower necklace is from BaubleBar Botanica no longer available. Get a similar look with a Stone Bib Necklace with pink floral cluster stones. DJ matches her bright pink lipstick to her necklace. Using solid colors which emphasize the necklace making it the center piece of this ensemble.

DJ wears a loose ponytail. An effortless style for getting ready quickly in the morning seeing as she is busy catching her sons in a lie. she told them to not hang out with an unsupervised neighborhood boy. DJ was tracking her boys with a dog tracking chip and found out they were exactly where they shouldn’t have been.

Her dark jeans, navy leather bag, and low cut booties help pull together her classic look. Her Rag & Bone gray ankle boots are no longer available but you can find a similar Rag & Bone bone boots that will match perfectly.

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Second Outfit

DJ Fuller in Wrestling Ring

DJ’s second look of the episode features a white boat neck long sleeved tee. The red and blue stripes on her shirt helps her to fulfill her look of an American beauty, paired with casually cuffed boyfriend-cut jeans.

DJ's Striped American Shirt

DJ wears a Vera Bradley paisley tote. She also wear low cut tennis shoes for the family trip to the Mexican restaurant. Her oldest boy was told to stay home as punishment for lying to her. The same bad apple friend helps Jackson sneak out of the house and enter the wrestling ring.

DJ talks to Jackson at the end of this episode to find out what is going on with him. She agrees to be less overprotective and Jackson agrees to make less risky decisions. DJ shows her love so strongly for her children and friends and we can’t wait to see what heartwarming adventures are up next.