As spring and summer approach, sunshine and denim are staple items for your wardrobe.

Sun Picture

Incorporate Transitional Pieces

It is smart to incorporate transitional items into your wardrobe as you patiently, or impatiently, wait for the sunshine to fully bring in the warmer temperatures.

Sounds of lawnmowers are starting to be heard and tulips are beautifully in full bloom. Also, cool morning walks allow you to fill your lungs with fresh, clean air. Feel carefree while basking in your beloved sunshine and denim.

Denim Trend

Denim items are very much on trend this season and can be seen in dresses, skirts, tops and jeans. Feel free to cuff your favorite skinny jeans to expose the finished or raw edge.

Flowy Tops

As you choose which top to wear, go with a flowy fit which hits at the hip. A chambray wrap top such as the one shown from The Loft will be perfect. Defining your waist and featuring fluttery- sleeves and a v-neck cut are very much on trend. Also the bow detail on your wrap-top will help you feel feminine. A flowy top will give you the functionality you need to live your best life.

Chambray Wrap Top Loft


Understated diamond earrings and aviator sunglasses are gorgeous, neutral accessories, which are bound to carry you into the summertime months. You can also enjoy a pop of color with a lemon-custard colored sunglass case. This case again from The Loft, features delicate flower details to both keep your sunglasses safe and brighten up your overall look.

Floral Sunglass Case Loft

Connecting To The Earth

Sunshine brings life and warmth to the earth and every other living thing. Allow your leather ballet slippers to take you on everyday adventures and enjoy these sunshine-filled days. Your spring outfit will carry you through cool, morning walks to warm, sunny picnics as you enjoy your sunshine and denim.