Season one, episode seven opens up with everyone getting ready for Ramona’s thirteenth birthday and her over-the-top birthday party, which will be thrown in DJ’s backyard. Steve visits DJ at her vet office and they agree to go on a date, as long as it’s not an actual date.

Steve meets Matt and we can see Steve feels intimidated by Matt’s daily presence in the vet office. DJ invites Matt to Ramona’s birthday party after Steve leaves and we can feel some sparks between the two. Kimmy and Fernando took Ramona on a shopping spree for her big bash. Kimmy and Fernando are on a marital separation but their love for Ramona and her party seems to be bringing them together.

Look Nice While Cleaning the House

DJ wears an adorable long sleeved top with a lace yoke neckline paired with black skinny jeans as she gets the house ready for the teen birthday party. DJ keeps this look simple with golden accessories and strappy, black chunky heels.

Just Change Your Top For Classy Look

DJ changes her top and accessories for her evening look: a dark red, flowy tank top, fun golden toned accessories paired with the same black jeans.

Stephanie is DJing Ramona’s party and the power goes out, leaving Steph scrambling for ideas on how to save the fun: they realize that a party is more about the people sharing the time with then anything else.

The episode winds up with DJ walking Matt to the front door and he tells her that he thinks she’s cute: she doesn’t seem to mind the compliment and we wonder what will come next for this pair.

Kimmy and Fernando come to the conclusion that they will always be there for Ramona; however, they aren’t quite meant to be together as a married couple. Ramona is complaining on how her party was a dud when she hears singing coming up the stairs: her friends all came to find her and tell her how much they care about her. One thing is for sure, DJ will keep looking cute in her outfits and we will keep on watching to see what’s to come for our favorite TV family.