Episode 9 opens with DJ making everyone breakfast, including Aunt Becky, who is feeling some major baby fever. There has been the most massive amount of roses delivered to the Fuller household. Though none of the ladies know who the flowers are from, as the card is missing.

All of the ladies think the roses could be for them and they brainstorm to figure out who the secret admirer could be. As the episode unfolds, we see lots of love at different stages and we can’t wait to see how it all pans out.

DJ wears a casual yet classy outfit throughout this episode. She pairs a dark purple/burgundy sleeveless cable knit turtleneck sweater with dark grey skinny jeans and incorporates a brown belt. She shows off her trim figure by choosing a cropped sleeveless version of this classic shirt as things are heating up between her and Matt. All the while Steve is waiting in the wing.

Matt approached DJ and says that he wants to date her and she says that she also likes him. They both agree to go on a date later that evening and he mentions that he got her flowers, which turns her off because she thinks he is moving way too fast too soon. DJ wears a golden watch, earrings, and a simple bracelet. As she learns that Matt didn’t send all of the flowers. Instead he left her two individual flowers and she takes him up on that date after all.

Fuller House - Season 1 Episode 9 War of the Roses - 3 men on the couch

Stephanie called the different guys she has been dating and finds out that none of them sent roses to her. Kimmie thanks Fernando for the roses with a kiss only to find out that he didn’t send the roses to her either. Aunt Becky seats Fernando, Matt, and Harry (Stephanie’s childhood friend) to find out who sent the roses. None of the men sent the roses as it was Uncle Jesse who sent them for his longtime love.

The episode wraps up with DJ coming to the hard realization that she is about to go on her first date since her late husband. Things are changing, the women are growing, and thankfully we get to come along for the ride.