It is officially summertime and warm weather has arrived for most of us. Although it has been a mild start to the season, we need to plan for warmer months ahead.


Nothing helps us celebrate and have a good time then feeling confident in a new outfit. Obviously you are still your fabulous self no matter what you wear. But there’s something special about wearing an outfit or accessory for the first time.

Patriotic Holidays

July holds patriotic holidays, both Independence Day and Canada Day: unique in their own sense, and to their own countries, but let’s give a nod to our neighbors to the north, eh?

Red & White

Canada’s national colors are red and white so it’s an easy choice of white, or lighter shade, skinny jeans paired with a scalloped, red tank top. Choosing a camisole with a scalloped edge gives your outfit a classy look without trying too hard. Sunglasses are a must in the summer sun. So, choose a cat-eye shaped pair with a light rim to mirror the lighter shade of your jeans.

Plastic bags are all the rage right now. And no, we aren’t talking about the kind you carry your groceries in. Choose a plastic pouch in a holographic design to keep your phone, hair ties, and wallet safe from any impromptu water gun fights. A simple, golden ring stack helps balance out more lively, statement earrings. You can choose earrings with multiple shades of gemstones to help your outfit to not look too matchy matchy. Yet this will still have a cohesive look. What will really help you stand out from the crowd on this Canada day are your two-toned suede moccasins with a maple leaf accent. Nothing more perfect to show your patriotism.


Oh, Canada. You’ll surely be picnic, fair, carnival, and BBQ ready in this Canada Day outfit. Enjoy the laughter, smiles, and the sunrises, which quickly fade into sunsets. Wave your flag and light your sparkler while knowing you look Canada Day ready with pieces which can easily be worn throughout the months ahead. Patriotism is felt so deeply in your heart and is ingrained in your soul but it’s still fun to wear that Patriotism on your sleeve, or your super comfortable feet.