The weather is warming up as sunny days become the new normal. Every day is a little brighter as the days get a little longer. Summertime is here and with that comes short shorts and more carefree days.


Maybe you let your hair down a little bit more and relax a bit on the day-to-day routine. The kids are off for the summer and this leaves you forming new schedules. Also, creating memories that everyone will look back at one day and smile. Time spent on the beach is never time wasted. A day at the beach will leave you wanting to play that day on repeat.

Beach Outfit

Few things in the world are more calming than the sound of waves gently meeting the sand. And cool, clear water around your bright, pedicured toes is what summer is all about. Let those legs be seen in a pair of rolled jean shorts. Pair this with a lightweight sweatshirt (Etsy) for when those hot days turn into cool nights by the bonfire. Don’t forget a beach themed baseball cap to protect yourself from the sun.

Choosing to wear starfish stud earrings (Studio Jewelry) is a fun way to tie in the theme of the beach day. You can also carry an on-trend straw, pompom oversized tote (Nordstrom Rack) will hold your baseball hat, a beach blanket, and everything else you may need to carry. Biotime earthing sandals (Earthing Store) will help keep your tootsies safe for all the trips to the snack bar and while visiting the local shops for possible souvenirs.


Take in the sunshine and fresh air as you relax by the water. The echo of seagulls and crashing waves are such soothing sounds. Enjoy this day and all it holds for you and those around you. You’ll be sure to make a splash in this outfit whether your beach day consists of sunbathing, people watching, chasing kids around, or a combination of the above.