Season one episode eight of Fuller House, opens up with Kimmie and Fernando. They are facing the decision of how to deal with being back together even though technically they are separated. Fernando is escaping out of the second story window after staying overnight. Meanwhile Kimmie is in the kitchen with DJ, Steph, and Ramona. Cosmo the puppy is discovered ripping up the couch cushions and Max is faced with whether or not to tell DJ that the dog is the guilty one. He chooses to tell a lie and blame the incident on his baby brother, Tommy.

DJ obviously sees through his fib and Max feels guilty right away. Fernando and Kimmie also feel guilty about not telling the whole truth to anyone regarding their relationship.

DJ wears a grey-purple sweater with sparkle detail and medium washed high rise skinny jeans. Her sweater gray sparkly sapphir crystal Stud sweater was originally sold by Ted Baker London and is no longer available. She pairs her outfit with casual brown leather chunky sandals throughout this episode. You can make your own outfit similar to this by combining a sweater with glitter, studs or rhinestones which are easier to find closer to the Christmas holiday season.

Shortly after Danny arrives, DJ asked when he was ready to date again after their mom died. This gives us a hint that romance may be on the horizon. She wears a crystal, rhinestone necklace while her and Matt do inventory at the vet office. They share a meal together and discuss when the last time each went on a date. They end up wrapped up in two passionate kisses. We can tell DJ is flustered as she leaves the vet office but is unsure if she really likes him or if it’s more of a physical attraction.

Danny takes the boys to visit the fire station where their dad served before he died because Max had some friends over and one of the children bragged about how he’s better then Max. The boy said that his dad is an airline pilot and he can sit in the pilot seat whenever he wants so Max promises everyone a ride on a fire truck.

The chief doesn’t want to let a fire truck visit a party but Danny pulls some strings, giving the chief his own segment on Wakeup San Francisco. Max becomes a hero at the party after all. DJ talks with her boys about how they all miss their Dad but how he is still with them all in different ways.

In the last scene DJ is wearing a beautiful purple tie-dye halter dress for only a few brief moments. We see several instances in this episode where people aren’t telling the whole truth, which leaves us wondering if DJ is being honest with herself regarding how she feels about Matt.