Summer is in full swing. There is no denying the rising temperatures, sounds of air conditioners running, and smells of BBQ grills cooking up yummy meals.

Patriotic Outfit

Whether you are traveling this summer or having yourself the best stay-cation ever, having a patriotic outfit to help celebrate the 4th of July is an absolute a must.

Showing your pride in America is a trend that is always spot on. These clothing pieces can be worn all throughout the summertime. So, light your sparklers, dip your toes in the pool, and get ready to sing the national anthem in style this Independence Day.


Backpack purses had their heyday back in the 90’s. However, like many trends from that era, they are back with a vengeance and ready to carry the items you normally would carry on your shoulder. Another trend from your youth that is very in right now is the hair scrunchie. So why not wear a white one around your wrist, instead of a bracelet, and then use it if you need to put your hair up later. Button earrings are a cute choice and don’t pose the tangle threat of dangly earrings. These will very much match the USA look you’re going for.

Red, White & Blue

A red and white striped tank with a cinched back detail with high-rise, raw-hem shorts are sure to keep you cool under the sun. And a matching red lip keeps things sassy. Moose hide ankle moccasins are sure to keep you feeling comfortable as you visit friends, enjoy a parade, or gobble up yummy foods at the local summer fair.

Fireworks at Pattaya beach, Thailand

God Bless America

We have so many freedoms as Americans to do an abundance of things and wear clothing that reflects how we are feeling. Being a proud American is a deeply felt sentiment, which you can really reflect on this Fourth of July and every other day, for that matter. Much was sacrificed for our freedoms and joys we feel each day and sometimes it’s easy to forget that. God bless America and let’s celebrate our country today.