A snowy night sets the scene for so many special memories this time of year. No need to limit your festive fun to daytime hours as long as you are bundled up right. Many people mold their traditions around the unveiling of marvelous Christmas tree lighting ceremonies and walks around twinkling downtown sidewalks. It’s no coincidence that many Christmas song favorites have been written about the glow of Christmas lights, so you should be sure to get out and enjoy them.

A rosy cheek has its place but it shouldn’t be caused from not dressing appropriately in cute, cold weather gear. It’s smart to dress in layers, not add bulk, by wearing a plum colored thermal shirt under a periwinkle vest; choose one with unique details, like a crossover neckpiece. Add a headband with a touch of sparkle to keep your ears warm, as well as a periwinkle stud earring to reflect the soft glow of the Christmas lights. Warm boots and black sheepskin mittens are sure to keep you warm, as you get lost in the festive, snowy nights and Christmas lights.