The recent (somewhat) warmer weather has us reaching for our olive tones as clothing trends switch from fall into winter. No need to ditch the greens in your wardrobe as they can very easily serve as festive favorites in the weeks to come. These last few football games of the season call for functional, yet fashionable looks for the professional on the go. No need to fret if you have to stop at the office for a couple of hours on a Saturday morning before catching the college football game with your guy friends; bring along the essentials, and maybe some snacks, in an embroidered, personalized backpack that’s a far stretch from your schoolboy days.

Step out in style in an olive, navy, and white button up shirt and play off the color tones with an army inspired olive jacket. Be sure to pick a coat that is functional too, as being cold is never a good look. Wearing dark jeans is an effortless way to step up the class and why not accessorize with a dark brown leather belt: your favorite leather moccasins are two tones of brown, the darker, leather lacing matching your belt exactly. Just give your friends a call when you’re on your way out and you’ll be sure to be saying, “olive football.”