DJ Fuller Outfit Season 1 Episode 3 Funner House Casual Jogger Outfit
See how DJ spices up her wardrobe with a glamorous black lace romper cocktail dress.

Opens Up With…

Season one, episode three opens up with Steph and Kimmie getting ready to head out for a ladies night. DJ would rather party by taking care of baby Tommy and laundry. DJ is a hard working mom, raising her three boys. Her Friday night is about to get spiced up with some music and dancing. Fans reminisce as the girls recount stories from their childhood. Fans learn to love DJ, Steph, and Kimmie as the grown women they are in the show now. DJ may sass it up for a time on the town. However she still holds true to the girl we all know and love.

DJ Fuller Outfit Season 1 Episode 3 Funner House Glam Outfits for the She Wolf Pack

Entering the Club…

Steph and Kimmie confidently strut their stuff as they enter the club. DJ feels unsure of the situation while wearing a short, lace romper. She kept her accessories minimal but flashed a large, silver disk ring on her index finger and a simple, gold bracelet. We see DJ dances like a natural while wearing black, ankle strap heels. Thankfully DJ chose straps to keep her heels on as she rocks it in a dance off against Fernando. DJ and Kimmie compete, and win, against Fernando and his date. Although the ladies showed us what they’re made of, we see that Fernando still has feelings for Kimmie.

How It Ends

DJ ends her night covered in green slime, as the victim of a prank intended for Uncle Joey. This of course ruins her perfectly curled hair and tarnishes her chrome painted nails. Joey taught the kids how to have fun without electronics. While DJ learned to have fun stepping out of her comfort zone. The bond between the kids continues to grow and leaves us wondering how else they will warm our heart throughout this series. It so enjoyable getting to know the new Fuller House while staying true to the classic series.
DJ Fuller Outfit Season 1 Episode 3 Funner House Glam Outfits get slimed by kids and uncle Joey