Season one, episode eleven opens up with DJ getting things ready for the day as Stephanie comes home from a night out. She wants to know the details on how DJ’s date with Matt went and DJ explains how she still feels so torn on whom to choose. Kimmie is planning Matt’s father’s retirement party. The party will be an Indian theme. DJ is hopeful that she will then be named head of the vet office. Stephanie is encouraged to work as Kimmie’s assistant. Stephanie needs a paying job. It should be interesting to see how those two work together and how the party works out.

DJ wears a casual white striped tank top with a royal ruby colored cardigan. As she jets out the door, Ramona and Jackson try to sneak to watch a movie meant for an older audience. They take DJ’s laptop and end up getting a virus on her computer. This will be expensive to remove. As they are trying to figure out what to do, Max overhears their predicament. We see DJ in distressed jeans as her and Matt kiss in the vet office. The original Dr. Harmon returns. Although DJ was hoping to get full reign of the office, he reveals that he will be leaving his practice to Matt instead. DJ gives a nod to the upcoming Indian themed retirement party with her golden accessories and red, beaded necklace.

While taking on the role of Kimmie’s assistant, Stephanie shops for the Indian themed party they will be hosting that night. She thinks it’s a great idea to rent an actual cow. Next a hurt and saddened DJ comes home and is contemplating if she should open her own practice. Meanwhile, Jackson and Ramona find themselves in Max’s hands. Max will loan them the money they need to fix DJ’s computer but it has lots of strings attached.

The party turns out very successful and the ladies realize they make a perfect team. Matt and DJ also decide to make the perfect team in business, as they are going to share the vet business. Lots of big decisions were made in this episode but continuing to tune in to this show, and DJ’s fashion, is one decision we won’t have to make.