Fall is the perfect time to accessorize with a scarf. The cooler air makes it so you will appreciate the subtle warmth a scarf can provide without getting too hot. While the leaves start to turn colors, you can start pulling out those warm tones such as browns, dark green and orange. Be sure to dress in layers as the mornings and evenings feel brisk however the sun warms up the day enough that you might even want a short sleeve. (you can get lots of short sleeves on sale this time of year)

You may feel reluctant to put away your favorite pair of flip flops, but you don’t have to feel sad when replacing them with stylish ankle moccasin boots that look great with tights, skinny jeans or cuff pants. Make sure your footwear is casual and comfortable as you may feel inspired to take a scroll or a hike to see the leaves beautifully change colors. We hope you enjoy this outfit as much as a pumpkin flavored treat, or a cinnamon latte.