DJ Fuller wears a halter-style Bella Dahl dress styled in faded chambray. Drawstrings tie over the open back with a high-low hem. This dress is not longer available but we found a nice alternative below…

Different Styles

Episode four opens with Steph trying to fit into the caregiving role of Tommy. DJ makes her sons’ healthy lunches for the first day of school. Kimmie and DJ have differing parenting styles. Kimmie thinks bribery is the best form of parenting, as she feels guilty for having Ramona switch schools. Jackson and Ramona are easing into their new friendship. And max is beyond excited, as today is the day of meeting Commit Jr’s new puppies.

DJ’s Chambray Halter Dress

DJ wears the perfect outfit (Chambray Halter-Style Bella Dahl Dress) in this episode as she meets Matt for the first time. Things look like they may get interesting. DJ’s strawberry blonde hair is worn in carefree curly waves in this episode. She also keeps the rest of her makeup natural and professional. In addition, dark burgundy nails are seen as she answers the phone to news that Romona and Jackson are in trouble. Layered necklaces are worn as DJ hands out a list of chores for Jackson to work on. Brown, leather sandals help DJ get the upper hand as her and Kimmie discuss their differing parenting styles. A loose fitting, blue swing dress is the perfect piece to anchor DJ’s look. Max hands over his choice of pooches, whom is an armful, quite like daily life in the Fuller home.

Stephanie’s New Romance

Stephanie meets a new man in this episode; while wearing Tommy at a coffee shop. After a misunderstanding, she gets herself tangled in a web of silly untruths. When he comes to pick her up for their date, she tells him that the rest of the kids are also her children. She also lies about DJ and Kimmie being the maid and nanny. You begin to wonder, with DJ meeting Matt earlier in this episode and our learning that they will be working together, what is going to happen? In conclusion, DJ does a great job pulling things together with another happy ending to this episode.