The episode begins with Max and Jackson playing Jenga. Jackson is winning and Max is sad. He talks about how he never beats Jackson in anything. Stephanie overhears their conversation. She steps in to remind Jackson that she was once in Max’s shoes. Jackson tells of DJ bragging about how she always beat Stephanie in games. Their conversation rekindles Stephanie’s competitive spirit. Stephanie is reminded of some lingering hurt feelings she has toward DJ. We can’t help but notice the theme of this episode being competition. Furthermore DJ has two men competing for her heart and affection.

Game On

DJ comes down the stairs in a chambray outfit. She is excited to go on her first date with Steve in twenty years. She does a great job pairing a lighter, cropped jean top with a pair of slightly darker skinny jeans. Stephanie gives her the cold shoulder about their childhood Twister games. She demands a rematch later that day.

Steve enters the house dressed like a high schooler and tells DJ they are going back to their high school days. Steve then grills the ladies for Intel on how things are going with Matt. DJ comes downstairs with some 90’s gear on. She sports her black, plastic choker and slap bracelet in such a fun manner and finishes off the themed look with a flannel shirt tied around her waist. DJ’s dark burgundy nails and box chain, threaded sterling silver earrings are worn as she and Steve try to recapture the old magic and make some new magic too.

80’s Date Night Outfit


DJ wears a pair of black, leather open-toe booties as she accepts Stephanie’s Twister rematch offer after the date with Steve turns into a family affair. DJ stinks Stephanie out with her pizza breath and DJ remains the champion.

DJ fuller playing twister with Stephanie

Fernando has led Kimmie on a romantic scavenger hunt. It ends in the Fuller backyard where he serenades her and asks for a divorce. Followed by her hand in marriage. Steve and DJ agree the date went well once they both stopped trying so hard. Who will end up with DJ’s heart is still a mystery and we’ll be sure to stay tuned to see it all.

DJ & Steve Kiss in living room fuller house