Autumn weather is definitely upon us. Leaves are falling, as is the temperature, and we find ourselves replacing our short sleeve tops and sandals with sweaters and moccasin boots. Whether or not autumn is your favorite season, there’s no denying the warm feelings of a cozy fall morning. It’s hard not to reminisce when thinking those three words: cozy fall morning. We imagine a glowing, crackling, fireplace: casting a glow throughout the room, as the sunrises in the morning sky. Wrapped up in a tartan, plaid scarf to help fight off any remnants of morning chill, as you sip warm coffee from your favorite fall themed mug and enjoy a savory pastry from the coffee house down the road.

Autumn months bring a shift in color scheme, as well. We find ourselves reaching less for our neon hues and more for the rich, jewel toned pieces of clothing; better yet, match your wardrobe to the rich colors found in the changing leaves outside. Maroon, navy, and rose gold shades are perfect for this time of year, as they appear cozy yet sophisticated. Also, be sure not to forget to reflect the season in your makeup choices: a slightly darker lip color and rustic hued eye shadow palette can be the finishing touch you need. Embroidered jeans are a perfect change of pace from the norm and choosing colors to tie in your handmade moccasin slippers is always a plus.